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We always have a need for volunteers! Volunteers are an invaluable part of the rescue world. A critical, ongoing need is for transport out of the shelter to veterinary clinics, boarding facilities or foster homes. Transporting a Clayton County dog out of the shelter for rescue makes it much easier for rescues to work within the aggressive animal control hold times—meaning more lives saved, because the quicker dogs leave, the longer others have to find rescue. Transport is often needed Monday through Saturday, and Tuesday afternoon transport can be a critical need. To learn more about transporting, and other volunteer opportunities with Partners for Pets, please contact us.

If you are located out of state, you can still help out by crossposting our dogs and donating funds by contributing to dogs’ Fundrazr accounts. Every little bit helps and your donations make it much more affordable for a rescue to pull a dog. Join the Partners for Pets community on Facebook,  follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and share the Clayton County dogs’ stories with rescue groups and adopters everywhere you can. We also have an Amazon Wishlist with lots of different items, from big to small, which will help the animals’ time in Clayton County AC be more comfortable.


Rescue groups are constantly running on short supply of foster homes, which means they are forced to refrain from pulling dogs they otherwise would. Often foster homes are only needed for short amounts of time, and it means you've not only saved the life of the dog you're fostering, but also gave room at the shelter for another dog to stay a little longer. If you can foster, please reach out to a local rescue group! If you need suggestions on rescues to foster for, we would love to help!


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